Vino Spa-Spa Review

Bindu Gopal Rao is one of India's finest Freelance writers, she pursues writing as a hobby and she remarkably juggles between a full time job in an IT Corporate. Her work has been published in the country's leading publications, magazines and inflight magazines like The Hindu, Deccan Herald, Femina, Jetwings and Gulf Life to name a few. Bindu Gopal Rao shares her experience with Vino Spa.

My Winey Spacation

A spa holiday is the best way to de-stress and I was lucky to experience this first hand in the heart of India's vineyards in Nashik when I recently visited the famed Sula vineyards.

Getting to Nashik from Bengaluru is a task. Well, flying into Mumbai, it is a close to 4.5 to 5 hour journey that will get you to Nashik. My destination Sula Vineyards however had an instant effect of taking away the travel stress thanks to its beautiful green environs. I was upgraded to a suite that was again a delight courtesy its beautiful design aesthetics complete with floral furnishings, ethnic paintings and luxury furniture that set the tone for my stay here.

Spa Outing

The in house spa here - Vino Spa is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the sylvan surroundings of the lush green vine plantations. Equipped with modern massage rooms, a Jacuzzi and exclusive services this is the place where aromatic oils and relaxing treatments rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. The spa itself is compact and has three rooms (including a couple massage room) where the treatments are done. The spa reception is cozy and is set against a backdrop that is a colorful melange of nature showing peacocks, swans and plants set amidst a floating water body. I was advised to take the Deep Tissue Message with Grape Seed Oil here that I found was an in house creation. As part of the wine processing, the grape seeds were being discarded initially and the in house research team decided to extract oil from it and this is the base used in the treatment. Incidentally, Vino therapy is a term used to describe spa treatments that use wine and grape related products for healing. These are good anti-oxidants which are good for your skin.

The Treatment

My therapist Mercy from Mizoram started the treatment by asking me to lie face down and I could see a bowl of roses of all shades grown in-house which set the tone for the ritual that followed. The first thing Mercy did was to rub my feet clean with a hot towel that felt deeply relaxing. After this she did a stretching exercise where she did a dry massage over the towel and also stretched my hands and legs that released all the tension. This took nearly ten minutes and felt really good. After this she started the massage using warm grape seed oil that she started massaging first on my legs. Using elongated strokes, she ensured that all my strained muscles went into a state of deep relaxation. Using her hands in tandem, she massaged my back that was stiff and sore ironing out all the knots. Using her fingers, thumbs and palms, Mercy's strokes were deft and synchronized and left every aching muscle feeling relaxed. After massaging each part, she wiped it dry using a paper tissue. Once I turned over she repeated the massage on my legs, stomach and face as well. Asking me if I wanted oil in my hair, she also gave me an invigorating massage. The 75 minute session with the aroma of fresh grape seed oil felt relaxing and rejuvenating. Post the session, I was asked to take steam and then a shower in the attached bathroom. Once done, I felt ready to take on the urban chaos once more.