Monsoon Colour Palette

The author of the following article is the Founder of Coveted a luxury boutique in Bangalore.

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain!!!

Never lose your sense of fashion & love for dressing Come rain or shine!

Don't let the monsoons dampen your spirit & sense of style. Sparkle that style with a burst of colours. Even though the trending colours this season on the runway are lavender & ruby red' play around with the blues' greens and orange. The monsoon pallets this season will be a perfect union of the light pastel palette to bright & vibrant hues. Lavender is the most sought after colour this season dominating the runways. While it can be exquisitely and most romantically delicate' it can also be transformed into a more serious yet feminine suit for a more formal look. Enchanting, delicate & romantic (like the love at first sight) are the synonyms I'd use for this colour.

Salmon is another one of my favourite colours, perfect for the monsoon. This can range from a pale pinkish-orange to light pink palette and is best described as 'desire & excitement'. Combine it with light and sheer fabrics and what you get is a subtly sensuous desirable outfit. Ruby Red is considered the 'new black'! This colour effortlessly represents unconscious beauty, a totally bold & mesmerizing hue. Save it for the night. And, Like Audrey Hepburn once said, "There's a shade of red for every woman"' we recommend that every woman owns this colour in their wardrobe!

Electric blue to sky blue are colour palettes I'd include here. The sky blue hues can evoke a fresh and serene look to any outfit' perfect for the day. Electric blue however works like magic at night. Diamonds I'd say are best friends with this shade and great dressed together. Dark pink' more magenta I'd say is a cocktail of grace' elegance and the sweetness of poetic romance. This colour can be super fun for the day and super elegant at night. Also a colour palette that can suit any skin tone. Makes the woman wearing this colour feel gorgeous - monsoon or no monsoon.

Milky white' I save for last as I believe you save the best for last! One of my personal favourite colours of all seasons' adds a perfectly refreshing addition to the monsoon palettes. The colour represents unity' virtue' and the pureness of a new love. You cannot ever go wrong with an outfit that's all white or even partially white.