Control your mind, conquer your body

Aishwarya Nair Mathew, heiress to the Leela throne, talks about her various lifestyle ventures and gives a peek into her realistic approach to health

Hotelier Aishwarya Nair Mathew has an exciting gamut of elements going on in her life - whether it's wine, vegan food, or spiritual fashion.

Currently based out of Singapore, Aishwarya consults overseas as Head of Corporate Food and Wine Merchandising, for The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts - the company founded by her grandfather C.P. Krishnan Nair.

The wellness freak also owns a health food brand concept influenced by the principles of Japanese Macrobiotics called AMAI, now complete with a raw vegan menu. This gourmet artisanal brand features wholesome health products, which currently retails out of The Leela, Mumbai, Scootsy and Clove the store.

Aishwarya, who loves to live healthy, says that the best motto for wellness to live by is "Control your mind and conquer your body". A disciplined individual, she says, "I typically do cardio for a minimum of 20 minutes a day. It helps me think and feel better!"

I love snacking

And no, Aishwarya is not afraid of snacking "I love snacking A LOT. My vegan brand AMAI has many options for healthy snacking through the day. My snacks include flaxseed & chia seed trail mixes, fresh fruit and vegetables. "Also I try to shop cool neat savoury fixes for the day when I travel." With a very sensible approach to her food, she says, "I try not to consume unnecessary refined sugar or highly processed packaged products."

Everything in moderation including moderation - that has been the key to her successful approach in her personal lifestyle.

Aligned with the modern woman

The latest offering from this woman with a personal edgy style is ALIGNE a fashion & lifestyle house that combines spiritual oneness and informed living and being. The venture manifested itself from a personal spiritual transformation and a deep love for fashion. "The emphasis is on design and aesthetic craftsmanship. That brand aims to understand the way working women inspire their lives, and help make their wardrobe decisions easier," she adds.

The pret, ready to wear label is inspired by modern spiritualism. 'Our core belief is that a perfect alignment of a woman's daily life is a part of true enlightenment in her wellbeing in the choice of her consumption and thoughts," says Aishwarya. The collection is available at the Design Studio at, at trunk shows with partners at retail outlets, and of course on their own site Very soon, her range of beauty and spiritual products will be featured on an ecommerce platform.

Multi-talented and brimming with ideas

She lives a hectic life, immersed in the world of food and wine every day. The multi-talented Aishwarya directs the wine lists and handles wine acquisition, menu engineering, food styling within the Leela chain. She also spearheaded the creation of menus for Meta Wellness, the first intensive program for heart disease prevention and reversal. Her culinary expertise led to the creation of in-flight menus for Lufthansa's First and Business Class guests; she has consulted with national carrier Air India on their in-flight wine curation. Along with her sister Amruda and noted fashion photographer Rohit Chawla, she has published a coffee table Cook book - "The Fine Art of Food".