By Shantomoy Ray

The thought of creating a fair, sustainable wardrobe is alarming. However, it isn't as challenging as believed, it's worthwhile, in the long run. Here are 10 easy steps to a more sustainable wardrobe.

1. Shop the wearable: Move away from buying a one occasion-statement piece, to something versatile, more lasting, that you can wear time and again.

2. Stay more informed: Do a little survey, find brands you love and begin. Your knowledge will increase and you'll have more to choose from.

3. Modify shopping outlook: New clothing requires more carbon footprint in manufacturing, vintage and rental clothing requires zero.

4. Purchase all-season wear: Just buy items that will work for you, through the year. Spend most on pieces that last more than one season.

5. Give for a cause: Giving away your unnecessary clothes to a good cause, will help others to be more sustainable. Live by the one-in, one-out policy, every time you buy something.

6. Care for clothes: If you buy better quality clothes and accessories, they will last longer. Care for them and you will have to replace them less.

7. Get to repair clothing: When a clothing tears or an accessory breaks, don't discard it. Simply repair it all or get it done from a professional.

8. Prefer quality: Buying a few qualitative items a year, rather than many economical, less sustainable ones will lower your carbon footprint and heal the earth.

9. Amend spending: Spend on the things you wear regularly. Soon after, you will have an excellent, yet sustainable wardrobe to admire.

10. Alter viewpoint: 'Earth-friendly should not mean dull, oversized, less in luxury or beauty. Organic things can be beautiful too.

The author is the Founder & Director of creative hotshop K-Factor Communications Pvt. Ltd. and visiting faculty with various B-Schools. To reach out to the author you can write to