A Doctor led Social enterprise

Shivanjali Crafts in Coimbatore is a social enterprise that works towards building a better future for underpriviledged women. Shivanjali Crafts was born out of a need to improve the socioeconomic conditions of poor patients at our Sivashantha Mother and Child Health Centre. It is well known that improvement in socioeconomic conditions would help improve health .For more than two decades we have helped over 600 women by providing them with skills in tailoring, embroidery and doll making. For women who cannot master such fine skills, culinary skills were taught and these women were then provided employment at the Shivanjali Cafe and the Shivanjali Sweets and Spice unit. Currently, a total of 60 women are employed in all the above areas of work. The tailoring and doll making unit employs 25 women and besides the Kannamma dolls produces ethnic garments, bags and decorative hangings. The kannamma Doll is an original and unique design developed from scratch and perfected over the years by our team of 'homemakers turned doll makers'. Every doll in the Kannamma Doll family is designed with a lot of attention to details and handcrafted with love by our women. From their varied skin tones to their bright traditional cotton attires these dolls represent Ethnic India in the most charming way. The dolls are a perfect gifts, hug toys, collectibles, decor dolls or simple functional dolls. Shivanjali Cafe, serves delicious Vegetarian Malayasian cuisine is served in a colourful, cute ambience.Healthy juices, flavoured teas and authentic filter coffee is also available.If you are in the Manchester of the South you must drive down to visit this quaint, well run social enterprise, and you will meet the down to earth Dr Uma and it will be a memorable rendezvous with Kannamma and Doll Family.