Resin art all in the technique and finish

Affsana is an Interior designer by qualification but a super art nerd. She, from her childhood constantly experiments and understands various styles and combinations to creating unique art forms. Affshana had been doing major art contribution to the well-known institutions, also been to schools and colleges for judging events and as a guest lecturerStarted by a self-taught art enthusiast Affshana, who is preaching the love for art through social media. Now, her workshops are conducted throughout India. ARTSTOP is a forum where learning is all fun and teaching is all joy. Her main focus is affordable art supplies. Affshanas take on art-Its abstract, rush of emotions and never the end. She says " Resin art is all about techniques and I keep experimenting,Resin is all about that clear coat that creates a gorgeous, durable finish. It also makes incredibly beautiful art when you mix colours."