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The Sustainable Spa Association to launch Spa Sustainability Diploma
The Sustainable Spa Association to launch Spa Sustainability Diploma shares Lucy Brialey Co -Founder Sustainable Spa Association Read

This festive season give your wardrobe a new look by adding some designer blouses
The one common thing about every Indian women’s wardrobe is it has sarees, they are passed on by mom’s, mother in laws, gifts, curated carefully over years. Post pandemic all our buying interests have shifted, days of lockdown have certainly changed the way we dress. Read

Palm leaf giveaways for this Varamahalakshmi
The Varamahalakshmi festival is observed in Shukla paksham, in the month of Shravana July–August it falls this year on 31 July 2020. It falls a few days ahead of Raksha bandhan, the month of Shravan in Hindi and Aadi in Tamil Read

Work from home –Five Tips for better productivity
Today’s work from home environment demands everyone of us to have a home office that it is adorable. In the last few months with the lockdown and the pandemic blues, everyone relooked at life Read

Eco friendly homes designed with Vaastu and Feng Shui bring luck and prosperity!
We want to live in calming sancturies that bring peace and success. We want our spaces to be connected to the nature. Living by the riverside, close to luscious green woods, growing organic food Read

De - toxing My Closet Was Theraupatic - As Though Am Removing Clutter From My Life
Being a wellness influencer, the lockdown helped me to look deeper into myself. I was always a believer of going to my kitchen for home remedies for my natural hair and skincare routine. Read

Sustainable fashion - transform your clothes & your life
The thought of creating a fair, sustainable wardrobe is alarming. However, it isn't as challenging as believed, it's worthwhile, in the long run. Here are 10 easy steps to a more sustainable wardrobe. Read

Resin art all in the technique and finish
who is preaching the love for art through social media. Now, her workshops are conducted throughout India. ARTSTOP is a forum where learning is all fun and teaching is all joy. Her main focus is affordable art supplies.  Read

Gracefully dancing through life, Mrs Rathna Supriya Sridharan inspires the young generation to take to dance as a Wellness option
"Dance has always created an unexplainable experience of divine connect in my life. A surge of beautiful energy starts flowing and it,s an experience that I,d love to hold onto," begins Rathna Supriya Sridharan  Read

Drawing from beauty rituals around the world
From the kitchens and courtyards of women in various countries come the all-natural products of Global Beauty Secrets. Aishwarya Swarna Nir, a second-generation businesswoman, talks of the evolution of her new personal  Read

Spa at Sea
Mandara Spa on the Norwegian Pearl Cruiseliner has an array of wellness treatments to make you feel both relaxed and rejuvenated.After having taken a long flight to reach my destination aboard the Norwegian Pearl Read

Vino Spa-Spa Review
Bindu Gopal Rao is one of India's finest Freelance writers, she pursues writing as a hobby and she remarkably juggles between a full time job in an IT Corporate. Her work has been published in the country's leading publications  Read

Earthen Wellness and Spa-Spa Review
My recent visit to the Earthen Wellness Spa in Bangalore was truly an experience to cherish. A well maintained Spa spread over three floors, the staff greeted me it was rather an earthy welcome. I was offered water in a mud.  Read

Control your mind, conquer your body
Aishwarya Nair Mathew, heiress to the Leela throne, talks about her various lifestyle ventures and gives a peek into her realistic approach to health  Read

Monsoon Colour Palette
The author of the following article is the Founder of Coveted a luxury boutique in Bangalore.Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain!!!  Read

A Doctor led Social enterprise
Shivanjali Crafts in Coimbatore is a social enterprise that works towards building a better future for underpriviledged women. Born out of a need to improve the socioeconomic conditions of poor patients at our Sivashantha.  Read

Trend for upcycling and and sustainable fashion and decor
We interviewed Sanju Rao the Founder of Sihasn he shares how the trend for upcycling and and sustainable fashion and decor is definitely on the rise and its certainly underrated.Sihasn used traditional and heritage fabric  Read
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